Sports Sunglasses That Attach to Sports Caps & Visors
Flip Them Down When You Need Them - Flip Them Up When You Don't

Golf, Fishing, Boating, Playing Ball, or any non-contact outdoor activity,
if you wear a Sports cap or visor, then

  These Are Without A Doubt, The Most Unique, Comfortable,
and Innovative Pair of Clip-on, Flip-up Sports Sunglasses
You Will Ever Own!

Is Sun Glare Killing You?
Are You Tired of Losing Your Sunglasses?
How Many Pair of Sunglasses Have You Broken This Year?
DayTime Activities- Is The Sun Your Worst Enemy?
Are You Tired of Your Sunglasses Sliding Down Your Nose?
Are You Tired of Pain and Pressure To Your Temples and Nose?
Do You Wear A Sports Cap?
Would You Like To Have A Logo On Your Sunglasses??
(Minimum order required) Call or email for details. 

Then It's Time You Buy

No more lost or broken sunglasses, pressure above the ears or to the nose,
because there are no ear pieces to adjust and these sports sunglasses
don't touch your face, they adjust to it!
And Your Logo Will Look GREAT!
Just check out our Marine Corps logoed sunglasses on USMC Page.  

  These revolutionary new sunglasses with the patented "Clip and Flip" frame
offer unmatched comfort and
convenience, while incorporating a stylish
wrap-around design shield  that features a poly-carbonate lens,
which is
both scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant.  These lenses offer
100% UV and A/B protection while shielding your eyes from the
harmful rays of the sun.

So Whether You're
Rudy_Fishing_A.jpg  Dad  Kevin  Spectators.jpg  Drivers.jpg 

Fishing    Golfing    Playing Ball   Spectator     Driving
  Hunting, Hiking, Camping, Boating, Target Shooting, Playing Tennis,
or just strolling
along, you'll find that these fantastic sports
will fit your
active lifestyle!

No More Lost or Broken Sunglasses!

Since they are attached to you cap or visor, you will always know
where they are!

You'll find they are always there, ready for action!


Flip them down when you need them, Flip them up when you don't
Comfort, convenience, fashionable, easy application, scratch and shatter-resistant 
lenses, 100 % UV/AB sun protection, reasonably priced.  
Plus they are virtually 
indestructible and designed to fit over most prescription glasses.

What More Could You Possibly Want in a Pair of Sports Sunglasses?
 How About Color Choices and Different Lenses?

We have both! You can purchase them in polarized
and/or non-polarized versions and in different lens colors.


only $15.95 each
Black Ice-our most popular lens color, used for 
many different outdoor activities

                                 Fireonly $15.95 each
Fire Ice-a Rose colored lens used by many golfers, helps to distinquish
the contrast 
the white ball and the green of the fairway!

                                 Amberonly $15.95 each
      Amber Ice-a yellow tinted lens preferred by hunters and target shooters, 
perfect for any flat light situation including,
night driving.

Click Here to Purchase any of the Ice Collection Sunglasses 


 There are four lens colors that provide maximum eye
protection with a 
mirrored look.

                                 Sapphire.jpgonly $21.95 each

Sapphire Ice - a beautiful blue lens color

                                 BEISG.jpgonly $21.95 each

Emerald Ice - a distinct green lens color

                                  Goldenonly $21.95 each

Golden Ice - a mellow gold lens color

                                  Krytonite.jpgonly $21.95 each

Kryptonite Ice - a pure silver lens color

 Click Here to Purchase any of the Mirror Collection Sunglasses


                                  Bonly $29.95 each

Brown Polarized - perfect to reduce glare.


Click Here to Purchase the Brown Polarized Collection Sunglasses

Once you own these fabulous clip-on, flip-down sports sunglasses,
you can switch them to any standard sports cap you desire,
with these
simple instructions.
Simply attach the swivel clip to the underside of the brim of any standardsports cap
or cloth visor.
  With the lenses
 facing downward, place cap on head and then
adjust the glasses by sliding the clips one at a time either forward or backwards
for a perfect fit every time.  When
you need them, simply flip them down.  When
not needed, they easily flip up and hide beneath the bill of the cap making them
virtually undetectable

     100% UV/AB Protection
Scratch Resistant
Shatter Resistant
Virtually Indestructible
Can be worn by either Men or Women
Offered in Non-polarized and Polarized Lenses



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